Flynn and O’Hara Uniforms is our authorized uniform supplier. Uniforms may be purchased through them in the following ways: online at, by phone at 800-441-4122, or at the retail store in Fair City Mall in Fairfax. 

There are a few changes to the dress code that we wanted to make you aware of as you get ready for the upcoming school year.  One significant change is that we are going to be phasing out the navy tops for elementary students.  Flynn O'Hara will no longer offer them in their catalog and we ask that you not buy them if you haven't already done so.  However, if you own or have already purchased one for this year, your child may wear it as part of his uniform.
The other significant change will affect girls. Beginning this year, girls will be allowed to wear khaki dress slacks as part of their uniform. These slacks must be ordered through Flynn O'Hara only. There will be designated days when the girls will be required to wear skirts for various reasons, so make sure to have at least one on hand for the school year. Also, please be sure to review the dress code information in the LCS handbook (pgs. 27-31) before purchasing shoes and other items for your child. (Please note the khaki pants for preschool and elementary girls are not listed on the attached uniform information sheet but they will be available on the Flynn O'Hara website beginning July, 30, 2015.)